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Workshop With Mezzanine

Workshop With Mezzanine


Workshop With Mezzanine


In order to solve the many shortcomings of the first and second generation steel decks, such as the smaller clear height of the building, engineers developed the third generation of steel bar truss decks. The third generation of decks is to reduce the original The floor deck is convex and high-pressure type. The steel bars in the floor are processed into steel trusses with semi-automatic sheet metal welding equipment in the factory to replace the convex height and bearing capacity of the floor deck. After welding, silanization, pure manganese phosphating, water washing, drying, galvanizing and other rust-removing and rust-proofing environmental protection technology are used to connect the steel truss and floor deck in the factory with high-frequency resistance welding into a combined template. The formwork system combines the steel bars in the concrete floor slab with the construction formwork to form a load-bearing component that can bear the weight of the wet concrete and the construction load during the construction phase, and the component can be used as a lateral support for the steel beam during the construction phase. In the use phase, the steel truss and concrete work together to bear the use load.

1. The force mode and combination mode of the truss floor slab are reasonable, with the overall rigidity of the cast-in-place concrete, which can easily complete the construction and use of the two-way slab, while the underlayer of the ordinary profiled slab can not be parted perpendicular to the rib direction.

2. In the construction, the beam spacing is more than 3 meters, and the ordinary profiled plate basically needs to be temporarily supported; the maximum unsupported spacing of the reinforced truss formwork can reach 5 meters.

3. Make temporary holes in the truss formwork, basically without reinforcement, and it is convenient to lay the wires and pipes of the machine

4. The steel plate does not participate in the force, does not need fire-resistant and anti-corrosion coatings, and does not need to worry about repairing problems after fire. It is safe and economical. The bottom of the slab is flat, the net height is guaranteed, the two-way rigidity of the floor is consistent, and the seismic performance is good. Reinforcement problem, the spacing between steel bars and the thickness of the concrete cover are guaranteed

5. The design and construction of the two-way slab is simple and suitable for large-span workshops. The coating is reasonable, the quality of stud welding is reliable, the end does not need to be penetrated, and the floor slab has good shear resistance.

6. Use silanization, phosphating, washing and drying, galvanizing and other rust-removing and anti-rust processes, and keep it sealed and protected from light.

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