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Quality problems are more likely to occur in the processing and production process, and the post-processing is very difficult mainly because of special processes and important processes. The proportion of quality problems in general processes is very small. In the above construction process, special processes include welding and painting, and important processes include blanking and assembly.

1. Welding process. This process is a concealed project and one of the processes most prone to quality problems. According to the statistics of a company’s product quality report in 2004, among the quality problems that occur in this process: the weld repair rate due to welding quality is as high as 80% or more Secondly, the weld quality problems accounted for about 10% due to improper operation of the previous process and technical problems of the operators. This problem is a major problem that directly affects the quality of the project. Therefore, this type of problem can only be detected and judged through the use of professional inspection tools by a professional inspection company. Generally, it is divided into slag inclusion, unfused, and pores according to the types of defects in the weld.

2. Painting process. This process is also a hidden process, and the impact on the structure is less than the impact on the building function. It is also a process that is more prone to quality problems. The quality problems of the process are mainly manifested in: large area and partial peeling of the paint film on the surface of the component, peeling of the paint film on the surface of the component, sagging phenomenon, insufficient thickness of the paint film, uneven distribution of the paint film thickness, and color difference of the paint film Larger.

3. Stakeout and blanking process. This process belongs to the leading part before component processing. The quality of its quality has a direct impact on the next process, and even leads to the scrapping of all the blanking parts. This situation is very common, so it is very common before the blanking. It is very important and necessary to strengthen the quality control of the process. The quality problems caused by this process are mainly manifested in: the deformation of long strip and thin plate type parts is relatively severe during cutting; the cutting surface appears horse tooth pattern due to the cutting gas or the existence of slag inclusions and uneven distribution of components inside the plate. The depth of the nodules, and the cut marks exceeds the standard; the gas cutting or sawing parts do not consider the shrinkage and deformation of the subsequent process and the size of the parts exceeds the standard; the batch parts are scrapped due to the error in the preparation of the process documents; the blanking cutting The size seriously exceeds the requirements of the standard.

4. Assembly process. This process occupies an important position in the quality of component processing, and its quality is greatly affected by the previous process, so it is very important to strengthen the monitoring of the process before assembly. The quality problems caused by this process are mainly manifested in: the position of the assembled parts is wrong, such as 3450mm is installed into 4350mm; the use of parts is wrong, 2# parts should be assembled, but 3# parts are assembled; parts The assembly is wrong in the correct position, such as the hole 45mm on the board is originally facing outwards, but the 45mm is actually installed inward; the assembly gap of the assembled parts exceeds the requirements of the specification and technical documents, and the gap of 3mm is 7mm; some parts have not passed through After the assembly is completed, the existing deformation cannot be eliminated; the operator cuts for the sake of saving trouble and causes the hole position on the part to exceed the standard size; the welding area is not surface treated; the assembly error is caused by the error of the drawing size.

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