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Shandong Light Steel Villa

Shandong Light Steel Villa


Light Steel Villa with Double Parts


   The technology and product configuration of light steel structure is very mature and highly industrialized, which is the crystallization of North American construction technology and building materials industry development in the past hundred years. Galvanized steel sheets for building structures have excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The normal service life is 275 years.

   The seismic performance of light steel structure is much better than that of traditional concrete and brick-concrete residential buildings. At the same time, because of the light weight of light steel structure, the weight per unit area is only 1/4 of the weight of brick-concrete structure in the same area, so the foundation treatment is simple and suitable for most geological conditions. Steel houses are no longer as worried about termites as wooden houses.

  Because the steel used in the structure is processed in the factory, the structure precision of the light steel structure villa is higher. The structure of the villa consists of 10,000 components. The average error of each component is less than 2 mm, which guarantees the quality of the house and exceeds the traditional construction method.

It has the following four characteristics:

  1. Structural stability.

  2. Low cost.

  3. The span of light steel villas is larger than that of concrete buildings.

  4. The construction period is shorter and much faster than that of traditional buildings.

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