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What is the impact of the national policy on our light steel integrated villas?

What is the impact of the national policy on our light steel integrated villas?

According to the website of the NDRC, many of the 19 key tasks published by the NDRC recently include supporting the orderly development of characteristic towns, improving the quality and charm of cities, narrowing the gap between urban and rural basic public services, and promoting the diversified development of rural economy. Will these policies make a huge difference to our living environment?

Under the guidance of low-carbon economic development advocated by the state, characteristic towns should not only have face value, but also protect ecological resources and reflect the original ecological style, so it is necessary to innovate and apply the architecture of small towns, and reasonably control and guide the architectural style. Fabricated characteristic buildings are able to achieve this goal, not only make the town style more standardized and rationalized, but also effectively protect the natural environment of ecological resources, protect the species and quantity of local plants, and maintain the ecological balance.

In addition, the building materials used in the fabricated structure system products are all green environmental protection materials in line with the national standards. In the construction process, a large number of finished components are used to install, and the construction water demand is small. The whole construction process greatly reduces the discharge of wastewater, waste dust and solid waste compared with the brick-concrete structure. It is very green and environmentally friendly, and is conducive to the protection of the local environment. Compared with the traditional cast-in-place buildings, the assembled buildings are superior in quality and performance. They have the characteristics of earthquake resistance, fire prevention, waterproof and moth-proof. They can be used to build all kinds of customized houses to meet the diverse building needs of characteristic towns.


Light steel integrated villa building has been widely used in the construction of small towns and ecological system because of its remarkable advantages. Moreover, a large number of practice and theoretical proof show that the light steel integrated villa building has obvious advantages over the traditional brick-concrete and steel-concrete buildings. In the construction of characteristic towns, the light steel integrated villa building has obvious advantages over the traditional brick-concrete and steel-concrete buildings.Light steel integrated villa buildingIt has the following remarkable advantages:

Environmental protection green

Light steel integrated villa building does not use any clay bricks, does not destroy farmland, uses a large number of new green building materials, 80% of the building materials can be recycled and reused; high degree of industrialization, the site can be completed only by simple assembly, basically using dry operation construction, saving water resources without generating construction waste, not destroying the environment; excellent thermal insulation performance, excellent building energy-saving performance .

Quick constructionIn addition to the construction of the foundation in accordance with the traditional structural form, the construction of steel structure villas fully realizes the factory prefabrication and field assembly construction; the strength of components is achieved after installation, without construction technology intermittence, and improves labor productivity.


Widely applicable

Cold-formed and high-frequency welded light steel thin-walled square tube (rectangular tube) steel assembled villas can be constructed on site under various climatic conditions and uninterrupted throughout the year in most parts of China. A structural system with strong vitality can be constructed in harsh environments such as cold regions, tropical regions, mountainous regions, desert regions and rocky islands.

High material reuse rate

Cold-formed and high-frequency welded light thin-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) steel assembly housing system all uses cold-formed and high-frequency welded light-walled square pipe (rectangular pipe) steel frame, steel is recyclable resources, other supporting materials recovery rate is up to 80%, compounding the requirements of today's residential environmental protection concept.

Comfort and energy saving

Perfect insulation and sound insulation structure design, 100 mm glass wool insulation layer, its thermal insulation performance is equivalent to 1 m thickness of brick wall. Experiments show that the thermal conductivity of the external wall of the structure system is 0.46; the sound insulation performance of composite wall of light steel structure can reach more than 50 dB; excellent insulation and sound insulation performance, not only provides a healthy and comfortable living environment for residents, but also compares with reinforced concrete structure. Energy saving is 60%-70%.


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