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Case Analysis of Learning Intelligent Whole House Customized Home

Case Analysis of Learning Intelligent Whole House Customized Home

I. Entrance door:

1. The entrance door is equipped with light sensors. When the host comes home or the guest comes to visit, the light will be automatically turned on to facilitate the host to unlock and the guest to ring the doorbell. The delayed rear lights will automatically turn off.

2. Entrance doors should be equipped with indoor fixed-point monitoring cameras to record personnel's entry and exit. Realize 24-hour monitoring.


Two. Hall

1. The hall is equipped with automatic lighting switch. When the owner enters, the light is turned on automatically, which makes it convenient for the owner to walk and operate the touch screen, thus delaying the extinction.

2. The central control touch screen of the hall.

Intelligent Whole House Customized HomeThe following functions can be achieved:

1) Turn on some lights in the hall; all the lighting systems in the hall lead directly to the lighting system in the main bedroom.

2) Open the background music system at home.

3) Family mode can be set to complete evacuation, turn on Hall lights, turn on background music in designated areas, and turn on air conditioning and heating systems in designated areas.

4) Can set "leave home mode" button: the whole house security protection, lights off, air conditioning, floor heating, background music and other work.


5) You can set the lights of the whole house to turn on or off, or you can set the welcome mode key. The lights in the hall and living room are on to welcome the guests.

When the owner enters the cloakroom or toilet, the light will automatically turn on, delay and extinguish after leaving.


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