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Brief introduction to the function of smart home customization

Brief introduction to the function of smart home customization

1. Always online network services, at any time connected to the Internet, to provide convenience for home office.

2. Safety precautions: Intelligent security can monitor the occurrence of illegal intrusion, fire, gas leakage and emergency call in real time. Once the alarm situation occurs, the system will automatically send alarm information to the center, and start related electrical appliances to enter the emergency linkage state to achieve active prevention.


3. Intelligent control and remote control of household appliances, such as scene setting and remote control of lighting, automatic control and remote control of electrical appliances, etc.

4. Interactive intelligent control: the voice control function of intelligent household appliances can be realized by speech recognition technology; through various active sensors (such as temperature, sound, action, etc.). To achieve the active response of smart home.

5. Intelligent Whole House Customized HomeEnvironmental automatic control. For example, the central air-conditioning system at home.

6. Provide all-round family entertainment. For example, home theater system and home central background music system.

7. Modern kitchen and bathroom environment. It mainly refers to the whole kitchen and bathroom.


8. Manage family information and contact the community property management company.

9. Family financial services. Financial management and consumer services are accomplished through the network.

10. Automatic Maintenance Function: Intelligent information appliances can download and update drivers and diagnostic programs directly from the manufacturer's service website through servers to realize automatic fault self-diagnosis and automatic expansion of new functions.


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