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Functions of Shandong Yuxin Intelligent Whole House Customized Home (3)

Functions of Shandong Yuxin Intelligent Whole House Customized Home (3)


Video sharing system is to install digital TV set-top box, DVD player, video recorder, satellite receiver and other video equipment in a concealed place. The system enables TV sets in living room, dining room, bedroom and other rooms to share the home audio and video library, and can select their favorite audio source to watch through remote control. In this way, TV sets can share audio and video equipment without requiring repeated purchases of equipment and wiring, thus saving money and space.



1. Simple: Simple wiring, a line can transmit a variety of video signals, more convenient operation.

2. Practical: No matter where the host is, a remote controller can control all video hosts.

3. Safety: Use weak current wiring and network cable to transmit signals. It will never lag behind. Even after upgrading, network cables will still be used.



Visual intercom products are relatively mature at present, mature cases can be seen everywhere. There are large-scale network internal communication systems and independent internal communication systems, such as those used in villas, including one-to-one, two-to-three systems. Generally speaking, the functions implemented include call, visualization, interphone and so on. But at present, many products from different platforms have been unified through Pingqiju's integration department, which enhances the advantages of the whole system control part, so that indoor mainframe can control the lamps and appliances in the home.


For apartment-style villas or apartments, the living room or film and television hall is generally about 20 square meters, which is currently one of the important building areas. The living room or audiovisual room is naturally a magnificent place in the home. Apart from being spacious and comfortable, it also needs lively entertainment. In order to meet such requirements, a good home theater is of course an indispensable "town house treasure".

Intelligent Whole House Customized HomeAdvantages:

1. Simple: The operation is very simple. A key can start the scene, such as music mode, audition mode, karaoke mode, etc.

2. Practical: With a private cinema and acting as a director, you can watch movies at home at any time, saving you valuable time.

3. Style: It's not too much to say "the treasure of a town house". You can get closer to your good friends on weekends.

Note: It can cooperate with intelligent lamp, electric curtain, background music and linkage control.



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