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Brief introduction to the management and control of smart home customization

Brief introduction to the management and control of smart home customization

Intelligent Management Control

Intelligent management and control refers to the construction of an efficient, comfortable, safe, convenient and environmentally friendly residential environment, with building, network communication, information appliances and equipment automation, system, structure, service and management integration. Connect all kinds of equipment at home through industry solutions. Provide functions and means of household appliances control, lighting control, curtain control, telephone remote control, indoor and outdoor remote control, anti-theft alarm, programmable timing control, etc., to help families and the outside world maintain smooth communication of information, optimize people's lifestyle, help people effectively arrange time and enhance the safety of family life.


Display terminal

Digital display terminal is a part of smart home system based on M2M technology for end users. The purple bee technology and the universal serial bus OTG technology are used to complete the monitoring of wireless devices and the inquiry and recording of meter reading data. The smart home system based on M2M technology mainly forms wireless local area network (WLAN) through Zig-Bee technology and related wireless devices. It collects data from wireless sensors and outputs control signals. The collected data are collected and packaged by dock stations and transmitted to the company servers providing related home services through M2M gateway and Internet. It mainly consists of five parts: low power data acquisition system, data acquisition and transmission system, digital display terminal, M2M gateway and server, mainly used for household energy management and household automation.

Linkage system

Intelligent Whole House Customized HomeThe solution of security alarm linkage system is based on Internet. The network video surveillance equipment is installed on the door or wall of the user's home. The network video surveillance device can collect the user's video and send it to the server located in the center through the network. Users can use computers or mobile phones to login to the central server remotely to check the security situation at home.


STB Integral

One of the advantages of the client-server model is its great flexibility. After adopting the client-server mode, the network nodes can be set up by setting up the server side, so as to meet the needs of nodes in different types and environments. In order to accomplish the network automatic configuration of set-top box, the startup configuration server is set up on the underlying network of IPTV. After boot-up self-check of STB, the configuration server is started by login program solidified in read-only memory, the configuration of relevant parameters is completed, and the relevant settings are obtained from the server and then the work begins.


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